Wild Flower Pantry Boston


We are open! Come visit us at 575 Washington Street, Oak Square, Brighton, 10-8 Monday through Saturday, and 10-6 on Sundays.

We are a brand-new, locally-owned, local-focused food store in Oak Square, Brighton, MA. We can't wait to connect you, our neighbors and community, with all the wonderful growers and farmers, bread-bakers and cheese-makers, fishers and fermenters, soap and pet treat crafters, honey collectors and fruit preservers right in our region. Food that travels less is tastier, more nutritious, and has a better impact on the planet around us. We are passionate about making it easier to find all the local food.

We're in print!
The Boston Globe has published a lovely story about us! We are legit now. 

Events at Wildflower Pantry
We are super stoked to announce all kinds of great things going on at your local locavore store!

Saturday, April 22nd
Earth Day! A large part of our passion is to reduce the negative impact each meal has on the Earth. Come on in to taste some of our hyper-local goodies! 

Saturday, April 29th
YMCA Healthy Kids Day: We will be helping the Oak Square YMCA celebrate healthy kids with samples and smiles! 11-2 pm

Dog Appreciation Day: We love our dog neighbors! Bring your furry friend by to try a few of our wag-worthy treats. 3-6 pm

Saturday, May 6th
Wildflower Bar: As the weather warms up, cold drinks and keeping hydrated are more on our thoughts. We invite you to come taste a few of our wonderful, and sometimes unusual cold drinks. Your taste buds and body will thank you.

Saturday, May 13th
Mother's Day Gifts:
 Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and we've got all kinds of gifts for all kinds. Dinner, sweets, earrings, hand-made pottery and cutting boards, gorgeous cards, and more! Bring home something to celebrate your mama.

Saturday, May 20th
Grilling Sauces and Rubs:
 Up your cookout game with some of our fabulous sauces and rubs! Come in and be inspired, or just enjoy the tasty samples.

Saturday, May 27th
X.O.I. Juice tasting:
 We are excited to offer another healthy and delicious juice line. X.O.I. juices are based on gac, a Vietnamese fruit full of health benefits and flavor! They will be here sharing their juice 11-1:30 pm.

More events to come, including ice cream and Fōmū sampling day, talks, demos, and possibly some reiki! We look forward to seeing you soon.